Like all boys his age, Baidir has his eyes riveted on Eccoh, an unknown, distant planet.

It is the last hope for earthlings' grappling with an exhausted planet Earth.

His life takes an unexpected turn when his little sister Nayah is kidnapped right before his eyes and whisked away to Eccoh.

Determined to rescue her, Baidir chases her abductors in a mad race against ticking time.

Not only is Nayah's survival at stake, but all humanity's !

Andarta is taking over the development of Baïdir, an animation series concept pitched by three talented writers:

Slimane Aniss, Charles Lefebvre, and Thierry Rivière.

With its television serial format, this series is endowed with twenty-six 26-minute-long episodes.

Baïdir is a ecological fable suited for kids 6 to 10.

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