At just 13, Camille’s life takes a dramatic turn when she accidentally gets cast into the world of Gwendalavir, inhabited by creatures as extraordinary as they are dangerous.
With her friend Salim, she discovers her real name, Ewilan, and learns the truth about her roots and her fate :
a native of Gwendalawir, she has inherited a prodigious talent,
designing, which turns out to be a decisive weapon in her people’s struggle with the terrible Ts’lich.
Ewilan’s arrival brings fresh hope for saving an embattled world.
Imagination will be her only limit.

Two million copies of the novels have been sold and have been translated to a dozen languages. The trilogy La Quête d’Ewilan has become an absolute reference in the domain of fantasy fiction for teenagers.

Andarta’s first development meets the standards of the company’s ambition, namely, to adapt the novels of Pierre Bottero’s three trilogies into animation series.

Ewilan’s Quest, The Worlds of Ewilan, and Ellana, published by Les Éditions Rageot, are heroic fantasy fiction with a huge fan base.

Each of our future series will offer twenty-four 26-minute-long episodes. Target audience: kids 7+.

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