Sophie SAGET /// Producer & Founder

  • Sophie SAGET first studied Studio Arts at the prestigious Émile Cohl school in Lyon. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Animation Techniques at the LTAM school in Luxembourg, she embarked upon an Animation Production Management degree at the reputed Gobelins animation school in Paris.

  • In 2005, her career kicked off with a position at Welldone, a studio founded by artists from the Disney studio in Montreuil, France. This position boosted her desire to work closely with graphic artists to manage all the stages in film fabrication for optimal quality.

  • The next chapter in her professional life opened when she became the department head on both feature-length animation films A Monster in Paris (Europacorp) and Despicable Me (MacGuff).

  • Once these super productions wrapped up, she yearned for productions more on a human scale, and so took a position at 4.21 Productions where she could provide global managerial supervision of projects. As director of production, she has overseen the fabrication of numerous series, commercials as well as broadcast graphics packages for TV shows and, in 2010, she produced her first animation series The Crumpets for Canal+.

  • From 2014 to 2017, she was Folimage’s executive producer for its series. She produced and managed Tu Mourras moins bête (Arte), Miru Miru, and Ariol (Canal+), as well as projects for series in development and requests for services.

  • In june 2017, she founded her own production company, Andarta Pictures.