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Opening made in Andarta for ‘Lookism’ (Netflix) !

Head to Netflix to discover the new adaptation of Lookism by Studio Mir! (producers of DOTA Dragon's Blood and The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf). You'll also have the pleasure to watch before each episode the opening credits... made in Andarta! 

Our team had the chance to collaborate with Studio Mir to create a dynamic, modern and... colorful opening, with the latest creation of the Korean band Ateez !

Before becoming an animated adaptation, Lookism is above all a South Korean Webtoon written and illustrated by Park Tae-Joon. Very popular on the Webtoon platform, it has more than 400 chapters translated into many languages. We follow Hyeong-Seonk Park, a high school student who is bullied. His life changes the day he wakes up in a new body.

During the summer of 2021, a call for projects is launched by Studio Mir: they are looking for the rare pearl to realize the Opening of their future animated series... Lookism!

An opportunity given the 9.1 billion readers of the webtoon who were looking forward to the adaptation. Conquered by our proposal and by the quality of Andarta Pictures' 2D animation, Studio Mir entrusted us with the realization of the opening credits with one instruction: Make Andarta shine!

The purpose? To produce an opening in the era of time, at the border between kpop clip and TikTok’s trends. Custom-made choreographies (created by Karim Amghar, our choregrapher) following the traits of each of the main characters of Lookism: Shuffle, break dance, kpop... it will fit to everyone’s mood and style!

With these elements in hand, our storyboarder Justine METTLER get on rotoscoping, frame by frame, every dancer’s movement. A meticulous assembly of each choreography, in order to produce the perfect guideline for our animator team.

Through this opening, we offer the viewer a quick trip all around the world: Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, New York, Cairo... we hope you’ll appreciate!


????Watch the series on Netflix:

???? And on webtoon to read the original work:




Storyboard : Justine METTLER

Character design : Marine VERNHES

Background artist : Dan VIGNES

Lead animator : Caroline VIC

Animators : Angélique PAULTES, Clémence MARET, Faustine FERRARA et Céline KORNO.


Compositing : Pascal GAYRARD