A Successful Kickstarter campaign for Baïdir

After a full month on the fundraising platform, Kickstarter and several long weeks of preparation, Baïdir amassed 125% of the projected amount!

Kickstarter donations for the project reached €37,602 in under thirty days. The initial goal was reached and surpassed thanks to support, sharing, and feedback from animation fans and professionals. They garnered support and attention from international talents in animation with people like Chris Copeland, a director at Dreamworks, Tony Valente, author of Radiant, and Carl Reed, the producer behind the Oscar-winning short film Hair Love.

“Communication around the Kickstarter fundraiser proved to us that there is strong interest in the series among the public at large. This is a very encouraging sign for us,” Sophie Saget noted.

Andarta Pictures is currently looking for broadcasters in France and abroad as well as a distributor to take charge of the series.

You can check out our fundraising campaign by heading over to our Kickstarter page. Just click here :