Ewilan’s Quest Zooms Ahead

It’s official! At France Télévisions’ annual press conference at the 60th Annecy International Animation Film Festival (MIFA), Pierre Siracussa, Assistant Director in Animation at France Télévisions, announced the group had signed a development contract for Ewilan’s Quest.

Soon after the announcement, Andarta Pictures launched its development of the animation series project along with the following talents: Anastasia Heinzl, Alexandre Manneville, Frederic Carvalho, Benoît Ciarlo, Gabriel Sepulchre, Marine Verhnes, to name but a few.

The series’ teaser has now had over 50,000 hits. Animation professionals were thrilled with it during its Cartoon Forum showing in Toulouse in September 2019. (Ewilan ranked third in attracting viewers at the event.)

While the series is currently in development with France Télévisions, Andarta Pictures is still actively looking for broadcasters in other countries keen on promoting the works of Pierre Bottero internationally.